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time is transient
like the escaping grains of 
sand escaping my shoes -
I count them
the people falling off
the waves splashing down
turning them dirty
I let them go.

I am no better


Haruki Murakami at his jazz club, Peter Cat, in 1978.


Haruki Murakami at his jazz club, Peter Cat, in 1978.


maybe I will be okay
that as helpless as my body is
when the waves come rushing towards me
above me
crashing down
taking my body with me
washing me up against the 
shells glass rocks
of the shore

i am cut
with the sea salt
seeping in 

it burns
and so does
my time to live


before you sleep

I wake up to her in bed
wind breezing over naked
skin that we’ve touched together -
rolling out of last night’s rose petals
dried now, staining the red
of first love on these white sheets.

I think for the rest of those days
how loose strands and bits of her
lay lying there
hair of silk, scent of a sweet
lavender she leaves wherever
she has stayed.

When I fall down into bed
where the crushed thorns of the
rose bushes lie
she is still there
and I am with her
only when I am asleep. 


Hyperrealistic paintings of swimming people by Gustavo Silva Nuñez | via

Valencia, Venezuela-based artist Gustavo Silva Nuñez creates extraordinary paintings that are so hyperrealistic, they seem to come to life and flow right off the canvas. Submerged in azure pools of water, his subjects float serenely, swim gracefully, splash about, or surface for air with a spray of bubbles. With each stroke of his paintbrush, Nuñez captures every last detail—subtle shades of blue, sparkling glimmers of light, distortions of bodies under the water, myriads of ripples and currents, and much more.

Nuñez adds another dimension to the lifelike paintings with playful snapshots of himself interacting with his creations. Through his Instagram, the artist frequently shares glimpses of his works-in-progress as he poses with them, pretending to hold onto the subjects’ arms or greet the swimmers as they break the water’s surface for air. With the breathtaking level of hyperrealism in his works, it often becomes difficult to distinguish Nuñez from his paintings, speaking to his incredible skills as an artist.

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From Made by Chinese
Tim Franco


From Made by Chinese

Tim Franco

to the man crying on the bridge

I run across the bridge that stretches for about a mile and what’s considered to be the busiest bridge in the world. I have earphones tucked firmly into my ears to blur out the whirling sound of passing cars, the groaning of the bridge as tires go over bumps, and the sound of my own thoughts. I look straight ahead, running without diverging from my lane, focusing on what’s up ahead and the distance between me and the railing. At any moment I can see myself being knocked over by a careless bicyclist from behind, hurling me towards the railing and falling over to my death as every bone in my body breaks as I land into the Hudson. I am scared running over the bridge because I only think of death and the likelihood of Boeing 747s flying above the river, crashing into the bridge and how I’ll still be trying to sprint towards either New York or Jersey even as I’m going down.

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